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The Magic Table: Enhancing quality of life

Holly Lea

Combining health and wellbeing with innovative technology, the Tovertafel is a valuable tool that is enhancing the quality of life for residents at Holly Lea Village.

Also known as the Magic Table, the Tovertafel provides interactive and engaging features to stimulate cognitive function, promote social interaction and boost overall wellness.

Originally developed for people with cognitive challenges, the table is an excellent tool for older people and those experiencing dementia, through a variety of fun games and activities.

The games are designed to tap into different cognitive abilities such as memory, attention, and problem-solving skills, through gentle mental exercises that can help slow cognitive decline and improve overall cognitive function. The interactive nature of the table also encourages active participation, keeping users mentally engaged and stimulated.

By providing shared activities and experiences, it creates opportunities for meaningful social engagement and connection. This can be especially beneficial for individuals experiencing social isolation or loneliness, as the table serves as a focal point for social interaction and community building.

Joyce Roa, Diversional Therapist at Holly Lea, says the table is really popular with residents and their families, as well as staff. “Families visiting the Village love playing with the Magic Table and there are many things you can do on it as a group, including football, table tennis and basketball. You can compete with another team, or you can do activities on it individually, such as completing a puzzle.”


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