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Calm & relaxing

"Look at my smart apartment overlooking the lawn and the stream beyond. I feel like I live in a park, especially when the ducks walk across the terrace. It’s so calm and relaxing here. I am free from all the hassles of life. I’m lucky to say I haven’t got a care in the world."


"I’ve always been very independent but just recently I’ve needed a little bit of extra help. Well, the management team here and the staff have been truly wonderful. No fuss, no trouble – just genuine care. I don’t think you would find anywhere nicer to live than here at Holly Lea Village."


"The beauty of Holly Lea Village is that I can enjoy my own space and go about my busy life how I please. And when I feel like a little bit of company, all I have to do is wander down to the drawing room or head to the café for afternoon tea. There are friends and companions all around me; isn’t that a wonderful situation to be in?"

I love it here

"I’m in my 90's and I’ve lived at Holly Lea Village for five years. I love it here and can’t understand why I didn’t move in when I was a bit younger…there’s so much to do."


"I’ve always lived in and around the Burnside area of Christchurch, and this made the decision to move to Holly Lea Village incredibly easy. It’s home from home here – only, I’d say better."


"I looked at one or two other villages, but nothing beats Holly Lea for its location. The village is so convenient for everything – the shopping centre, the church and my GP – and what a beautiful building we live in too – that’s the icing on the cake."

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