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On the horizon at Holly Lea

Holly Lea

In the heart of leafy Fendalton, just a stone’s throw away from the ambient Mona Vale gardens, and walking distance from some of Christchurch’s most well-regarded shops, cafés and restaurants, is the equally esteemed, Holly Lea.

During the uncertainty and challenge of COVID-19 lockdown, the village offered respite through its charm and convivial atmosphere. And the highly respected retirement village is testament to the fact that silver linings can be found even in the hardest times, if you’re willing to look for them.

Village Manager Juliane Brand says the sense of togetherness and innovation shown by staff and residents alike were true highlights of an unprecedented experience. “We were lucky that none of our staff or residents got sick. Our facility went into lockdown very early to ensure the safety of all,” Juliane explains.

“’We had such fun working together and taking turns wiping all the areas while having some chats and laughter. It became a great point of discussion during morning tea or when our volunteers were rotating ‘shifts’ to keep the good work going. Now that’s what you call ‘shared responsibility’ to ensure safety first for all!”

Holly Lea also activated an effective shopping system so residents could still access their favourite things, and technology become a central part of residents’ communication with their loved ones. “We kept in touch almost daily with all the families and loved ones during the lockdown period which helped people feel connected in spite of not being able to leave the facility.”

Staff showed great perseverance and displayed impressive lateral thinking, willingly adapting their skills to different roles. “With beauty, care and wellbeing at the centre of our routine, staff developed many other skills that you would never believe. From yoga teachers to beauticians to hairdressers, artists, story tellers and movie experts; these were just a few of the new skills that came to light while no external providers were able to visit. Needless to say, we had a beautiful, healthy and fun blast.”

While COVID-19 proved to be a challenging interruption for the Morven Apartment construction, contractors have been working at pace to meet the deadline for completion. “Our first resident has recently moved into her brand new apartment in Morven. It is so exciting to see this beautiful apartment block progressing day-by-day with all the special attention put in to the finer details and craftsmanship of the building. “Stone benchtops; indoor/outdoor flow; lovely patios offering views of stunning sunrises; colourful gardens; and the peaceful sound of the water stream running by the apartments is just heaven in the heart of Fendalton.

“We are now taking enquiries for the further development of Morven Apartments. There is high demand and interest so I recommend you book in to see our new apartments soon.”


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