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Holly Lea Village's Award-Winning Gardens

Holly Lea

The award-winning gardens at Holly Lea Village have been recognised in the Christchurch Beautifying Association’s Summer Garden Competition, earlier this year.

Amongst the village’s accolades was the top award, Premier Commercial AA Lawrence Memorial Trophy, in the Commercial category. “It was a wonderful and unexpected surprise,” says Holly Lea Village executive support, Renee Watkinson. “This is the first year Holly Lea has entered this particular competition, and we were so pleased for our gardener Jenny to have her hard work and dedication rewarded in such a wonderful way.”

Other awards received in the Commercial Category include:
Peter Lawrence Challenge Trophy for Retirement Villages & Rest Homes (1st place)
Gower Challenge Trophy – Premiere Garden Feature
The Russley Retirement Village Premier Challenge Trophy

The grounds at Holly Lea are well balanced, with a variety of plants, trees, shrubs, and well-manicured lawns. The design features layers of lush greenery and colourful flowers, while making excellent use of the bank surrounding the Waimairi Stream.

The local environment and community of Fendalton provided inspiration for the design of the gardens, by incorporating the natural environment. A stream runs through the village and under the enclosed resident walkway, so residents can walk undercover between buildings.

The extensive trees lining the property eliminate traffic noise, so residents can listen to birdsong and enjoy the peaceful environment. The goldfish pond is a relaxing place for residents to visit while sitting in the sun and enjoying their morning tea.

When new residents move to Holly Lea, they can even choose to bring their favorite rose bush or plant with them from home, which gets included in the gardens. Jenny is a creative and hardworking gardener, Renee says. “Until recently, she managed the gardens on her own for many years. Her extensive knowledge and eye for design enables her to not only create but maintain the gardens beautifully.

“And our residents were very proud to have their home recognised with the awards – it certainly was the talk of the village for a long time!”


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