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What does Holly Lea Village offer?

Holly Lea Village is a retirement village at 123 Fendalton Road, Christchurch offering accommodation and services in residential apartments for people in their retirement and aged 70 years or over.

The Village combines delightful old world charm with every modern convenience. Holly Lea is a boutique retirement village set on three acres of well maintained grounds and surrounded by well established trees and tailored gardens. The village is just a short stroll to Mona Vale, Deans Bush, Fendalton Library and Fendalton Mall.

The village offers a range of architecturally designed studio, one and two bedroom apartments.

All apartments have well appointed kitchens, bathrooms, underfloor and ceiling heating.

What facilities are available at the Village?

The village offers a range of facilities for the enjoyment of residents. There are a choice of lounges and sun rooms, gymnasium, cinema, library and activities room.

What activities are available?

We are focused on providing access to a range of optional, organised activities and regular events and outings, offering you the freedom to be as active and as social as you choose. Whatever your interests, there will be something for you to enjoy. An example of some of the activities available include:

  • Organised social outings
  • Themed social events
  • Happy hour
  • Musical soirees
  • Guest speakers
  • Group exercises
  • Pool and Indoor Bowls

We encourage residents to provide suggestions to further enhance the variety of activities offered.

When should I think about moving to Holly Lea Village?

If you are reading this, you have probably already given some thought to moving to a village. So many times residents tell us that they should have moved to a village earlier than they did.

We believe that you should move while you have plenty of time to enjoy the facilities and make new friends. A village is like going on holiday every day. Why wait, especially when the current housing market allows an easy transition.

Can friends and family stay with me?

Of course; your apartment is your home. However, if you wish your friends to stay more than two consecutive weeks, we request that you first obtain written consent from the Manager.

What happens to my home when I go on holiday?

It is your own home and therefore you may come and go as you please. One of the many advantages of this lifestyle is that you can go on holiday and know that your home will be secure and maintained.

Will my independence and privacy be respected?

At Holly Lea Village you will have a choice of an active social lifestyle, or a more discreet private lifestyle as you prefer. You choose if and when you partake in village activities, but are always secure both physically and emotionally with help just minutes away, 24-hours a day.

We think that your apartment is your home and that all residents need to be treated with courtesy and respect and have a right to be communicated with in a fair and transparent manner.

The success of the Village is dictated not only by the physical property but by the reputation of the management. If you are not happy at any time, we expect you to either advise us, or discuss the matter with the Resident’s Committee to ensure we are fully aware of any issue and can respond accordingly.

Are pets allowed at the village?

While there is a general policy of discouraging pets, we realise that an animal can give considerable companionship and consideration is given on a case-by-case basis to allow residents with a small dog or cat to the village for the remaining life of the animal.

What security will be provided at the village?

Security will include onsite management with staff always available. Regular security checks occur throughout the night. All external doors and the basement carpark can only be accessed by an individually coded swipe card. Residents are issued with a personally programmed swipe card to ensure security of each apartment.

Will help be available if needed?

Firstly, there will be 24 hour emergency assistance available supported by modern monitoring and alarm systems. Each apartment and all shared areas have multiple “call buttons”, and each resident is issued with a personal assist pendant, to ensure help can be rendered within minutes throughout the facility. In addition, various Care Service Packages are available and residents can choose regarding meals, room servicing and personal assistance depending on the level of care selected.

What services are available?

There are many things that make home special, but it’s the comfort and confidence you enjoy from living in your home that’s especially important to us. We are committed to understanding your current needs and providing services which support you to maintain your lifestyle.

We can provide assistance with those daily activities that aren’t as easy for you as they used to be, so you may continue to live in your apartment. Whether you require a low level of support or more comprehensive assistance through to and including rest home level care, we can provide various lifestyle service packages to you in your apartment. An example of some of our services include:

  • Housekeeping
  • Meals
  • Personal laundry
  • Medication reminders and administration
  • Personal care assistance
  • Registered nursing supervision

Details of the services available and the charges applicable are detailed on the Lifestyle Service Packages information sheet.

What expenses will I be responsible for?

You will be responsible for your private utility charges such as electricity, telephone, insurance premiums for your personal contents insurance. You will also be responsible for the maintenance and repair of the interior of your apartment.

We will maintain everything outside of your apartment and all grounds and the Village facilities.

Will I have a say in the running of the Village?

Residents will always be welcome to talk to the Manager about any aspect of the operation of the Village.

In addition, the Residents’ Committee meets regularly with the Manager and will raise any issues on your behalf. The Committee plays an important role by providing resident feedback to village management, ensuring we maintain our high standards.

Will there be regular financial reporting to residents?

The Retirement Villages Act 2003 has specific disclosure and reporting requirements to residents. The Village is required to submit a financial report to all residents at the resident’s Annual General Meeting. This report includes the prior year profit and loss accounts and coming year forecast. These accounts are audited and are reviewed by the Statutory Supervisor.

Who makes sure I will receive what I pay for?

Covenant Trustee Services Limited is Holly Lea Village’s Statutory Supervisor and has been appointed under a Deed of Supervision to ensure that the Village meets its obligations to you. These obligations will be clearly described in your Occupation Right Agreement and the Disclosure Statement.

What is the Statutory Supervisor’s role?

The Statutory Supervisor acts for numerous retirement villages throughout New Zealand. The Statutory Supervisor’s role includes receiving all monies from residents, overseeing the management and development of the village, reporting to residents and answering any questions they may have about the village operation. The Statutory Supervisor represents the residents.

Under what arrangement are apartments available?

All apartments are available under an Occupation Right Agreement (“ORA”) sometimes called a Licence to Occupy. The ORA gives you the right to occupy your apartment at Holly Lea Village. This type of agreement is common to almost all retirement villages throughout New Zealand and is governed by the Retirement Villages Act 2003.

The ORA is an agreement between the resident and the village setting out the terms of your village living. Under the ORA you do not gain a title but you gain the right to occupy your apartment and to access the various village facilities for your lifetime.

Your Solicitor must explain your rights and obligations created by the ORA and you can only validly sign the ORA when witnessed by your Solicitor.

Who pays the maintenance of the village?

The weekly service fee provides for external maintenance. Internal maintenance, repairs and maintenance of appliances provided in the apartment is the resident’s responsibility.

Who is responsible for paying the cost of insurance premiums in the village?

The weekly Village Tariff includes all insurance premiums with the exception of your normal household contents insurance. Residents are therefore required to insure their own personal effects.

Who owns Holly Lea Village?

The Village is owned by Holly Lea Village Limited which is owned 50% by The McLean Institute and 50% by Generus Living Group Limited. Holly Lea Village Limited owns the underlying freehold interest in the Village land. Generus Living Group Limited undertakes all management of Holly Lea.

Who is Generus Living Group Limited?

Generus Living Group Limited (formerly Retirement Assets Limited) is a Christchurch based company with almost 20-years’ experience in retirement villages. Graham Wilkinson, the President of the Retirement Villages Association is the director and owner of Generus Living Group Limited. The company is currently developing The Russley Village in Christchurch; Pacific Coast Village and Pacific Lakes Village in the Bay of Plenty and Ranfurly Village in Auckland.

Who is The McLean Institute?

The Institute was founded by the late Allan McLean, who died in Christchurch on the 12th of November 1907.

The McLean Institute is a Charitable Trust, incorporated by Act of Parliament - The McLean Institute Act (1909).

The Institute has in the past carried out its charity work through Holly Lea. In the future Holly Lea will be a subsidiary operation to the Institute’s wider charitable work.

What guarantee does the resident have that the village will be completed?

The parties involved in Holly Lea Village are substantial and have unparalleled experience in several successful villages. They are confident that the location, design of units and level of facilities will make Holly Lea Village very attractive. This will be particularly so for those seeking security but on an individually designed basis without an institutional feel. Ongoing interest confirms that Holly Lea Village will be one of the most sought after villages in Christchurch.

Does the village have adequate insurance coverage?

Holly Lea Village have wide ranging insurances from highly credible underwriters.

Holly Lea Village has insurance for full replacement value.  By this we mean full replacement as not only do we insure your apartment, we also separately insure the infrastructure, i.e. the roads and pipes beneath them etc. 

Our insurance also provides for rebuilding either onsite or on another site if necessary. We have adequate temporary accommodation cover to relocate residents if required after an insurance event. In this regard, you should have insurance for your individual contents and most insurers include a $25,000 accommodation allowance which is over and above our cover. 

We will do everything to ensure we provide housing.  In the unlikely event that we cannot rebuild on the Holly Lea Village site, and somehow, we also cannot build on any other sites in the area, then you receive back the full entry price of the Occupation Right Agreement without any deduction.

We appreciate that you entrust your funds and your future to Holly Lea Village and that is a responsibility we take extremely seriously.  While no one knows what the future may bring, we want you to know that Holly Lea Village is covered by insurance to the fullest extent possible.

Is there government legislation regulating retirement villages?

The Retirement Villages Act 2003 and its regulations are designed to protect residents’ interests and set out the basic standards for operating a village. These include disclosure of information to intending and existing residents, protections around residents’ financial interests, the details of termination arrangements, the relationship between the owner, methods of dispute resolution for residents, and residents’ rights.

More information about the Retirement Villages Act 2003 and its regulations can be found on the Commission for Financial Capability website -

Is Holly Lea Village registered under the Retirement Villages Act 2003?

Holly Lea Village is registered as a retirement village with the Registrar of Retirement Villages as required under the Retirement Villages Act 2003.

Registration Date: 2 September 2008

Registration Number: 2169583

What is the Code of Practice?

The Retirement Villages Act 2003 requires a village to observe the Code of Practice which sets out minimum standards for operating a retirement village. These include:

  •  Staffing of the Village
  •  Safety and personal security of residents
  •  Fire protection and emergency management
  •  Transferring residents within a village
  •  Meetings
  •  Complaints
  •  Accounts
  •  Maintenance and upgrading
  •  Terminating the Occupation Right Agreement by either the operator or resident
  •  Communications

 A copy of the Code of Practice will be provided to you when you complete an Application for an Occupation Right Agreement.

How do we proceed if we wish to secure an apartment?

Just talk to Juliane Brand. If you wish to secure an apartment of your choice at Holly Lea Village this simply involves filling in the “Application Form” and paying a $5,000 holding deposit held by the Covenant Trustee Services Limited. If the application does not proceed the Initial Deposit and any net interest will be refunded.

Before you sign up to the village, intending residents must take independent legal advice.


For full details refer to the Village Occupation Right Agreement and Disclosure Statement.


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