Holly Lea
Christchurch Retirement Village 

Finding the right retirement village for yourself or for someone you love is such an important decision. At Holly Lea you’ll find a charming retirement village where residents are singularly well provided for in every way.


Set on three acres of superb grounds and surrounded by well-established trees and tailored gardens, Holly Lea is just a short stroll to Mona Vale, Deans Bush with its thriving Farmers’ Market on Saturdays, Fendalton Library and Fendalton Mall.

Flexibility of care

Enjoy freedom of choice; live independently; plug in extra support as the occasion demands; or get support with meals and washing or showering and dressing, or full rest home level care.

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Eliminate unnecessary future moves

Many rest homes require you to move within the complex as your needs change, e.g. from villa to apartment to rest home.  At Holly Lea, you’ll eliminate the hassle of extra moves, as your support is delivered directly to your apartment and can be adjusted as required.

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Ideal for couples

At Holly Lea, couples with differing levels of support can live together in the same apartment, while one receives a higher level of support and the other lives fully independently.

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Boutique Size

With just 38 apartments in three acres, you can enjoy your privacy or be social according to your mood.  At Holly Lea, nobody lives in each other’s pockets. You’ll find the staff friendly but discrete.

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